Can you Put a Price on Cleanliness? Hundreds of Millions Lost Annually due to Grease Related Kitchen Fires

$165 Million in grease fire damage costs anually
November 22, 2018
By: Aqua Pro Inc

Aqua Pro Inc. is dedicated to kitchen cleanliness and when it comes to preventing possible damages to your establishment, you can rest assured that Aqua Pro Inc. has your safety in mind.

Grease fires in kitchens cost restaurant owners and food service workers hundreds of millions in losses annually. Routine maintenance and regularly scheduled service on kitchen exhaust systems can drastically reduce the chance of devastating damages happening to your establishment. Especially during this busy time of year!

Making a small investment in the cleanliness of your restaurant’s kitchen hoods and exhaust can save you insurmountable amounts of damages caused by a potential grease fire.

Contact us to schedule a kitchen exhaust system maintenance and or cleaning.

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