COVID-19 Disinfecting Services

Coronavirus Disinfection

Aqua Pro Inc. offers electrostatic fogging disinfection services. Electrostatic fogging is a way of disinfecting surfaces by charging water droplets with electrostatic energy. When this mist is applied to a surface the electrically charged droplets produce a stronger charge than the surface they are coming in contact with. This allows the electrically charged fogging solution to completely cover the surface being treated as the electrically charged mist or fog particulates are drawn to one another in a similar way as magnets. Utilizing this method, you can be sure that any surface is disinfected down to a microscopic level. We use an environmentally friendly botanical solution called Benefect in addition to another broad-spectrum disinfectant called MediClean. Both products material safety data sheet (MSDS) is available upon request.

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Whether it’s helping to control an outbreak during cold and flu season or getting control of common allergens that make our lives miserable every year, API (Aqua Pro Inc.) is qualified and certified when it comes to getting you “clean, quality air”.

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