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Don’t Touch that Mold!

February 28, 2022

STOP! Don’t touch that mold! When cleaning up mold you need proper gear, and cleaning supplies to help get rid of the mold and cause no harm to yourself! Let the professionals at API handle the mold for you! API has certified microbial remediation supervisors (CMRS) and trained mold removal technicians on-staff so that we […]

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Improve Your Office Air Quality!

It’s winter time, and that means staying in the office! Make sure your air quality is up to standard with an air duct cleaning! Routinely cleaning your air duct system can help prevent you, your employees, and your customers from breathing in nasty stuff, like dust or mold. Call the pros at Aqua Pro and […]

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Fight the Grease Build Up!

February 1, 2022

How much grease has built up in your kitchen exhaust system? Without regular cleanings, your business could be at serious risk of a grease fire! Lucky for you, Aqua Pro Inc offers the best kitchen exhaust cleanings around! Our team of cleaning experts can clean and remove the built-up grease to ensure your business is […]

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Keep Your Business Healthy!

Are you sure your air ducts in the office are clean? Keep you and your employees healthy by getting your air ducts cleaned by the professionals. The pros at Aqua Pro inc. use state of the art equipment and removal techniques to ensure that your air ducts are cleaned thoroughly. Schedule your appointment today! Delaware […]

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Keep Your Kitchen in Working Order!

Keep your kitchen up and running by getting your kitchen exhaust cleaned! Each year over 11,000 structure fires are reported by eating and drinking establishments, resulting in millions of dollars in damage. Half of these fires originate in the cooking area and then explode into the exhaust system! With a professional kitchen exhaust cleaning from […]

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