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Kitchen Cleanliness is Not Only Safer For Your Employees and Customers, but First Responders Too!

December 5, 2018

AQUA PRO Inc is a member of IKECA, the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association. IKECA is a global trade association representing cleaners and inspectors of commercial kitchen exhaust systems. In cleaning or inspecting, the job is all about providing a safe environment. As a member of IKECA, we are dedicated to fire prevention and the […]

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Even Medium Size Kitchens or Restaurants are Subject to Semi-Annual Inspections by AHJs

November 24, 2018

We’re quite sure if you’re a restaurant owner or kitchen manager, you already understand this. Restaurants, kitchens, and other establishments that serve food to the public are held to extremely tight regulations (depending on state). The important thing to remember as a food service operator is to be prepared for these semi-annual inspections and that’s […]

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Can you Put a Price on Cleanliness? Hundreds of Millions Lost Annually due to Grease Related Kitchen Fires

November 22, 2018

Aqua Pro Inc. is dedicated to kitchen cleanliness and when it comes to preventing possible damages to your establishment, you can rest assured that Aqua Pro Inc. has your safety in mind. Grease fires in kitchens cost restaurant owners and food service workers hundreds of millions in losses annually. Routine maintenance and regularly scheduled service […]

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Failure to Properly Clean Kitchen Exhaust Leads to 22 Percent of Restaurant Fires

November 20, 2018

Don’t let your restaurant fall into this 22% statistic. Reduce your grease fire risk by hiring us. We’re certified kitchen exhaust cleaners that clean grease from the entire system, not just the hood. Call 877-AQUAPRO or contact us to schedule a cleaning.

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20 Percent of Restaurant Fires Caused By Deep Fryers.

October 20, 2018

Deep fryers… we’ve all seen them and can often times easily smell if there is one in a restaurant. While these restaurant appliances provide the yummy food we all crave, deep fryers play a significant role in all Kitchen grease fires. Being the cause of 20% of all restaurant grease fires! Aqua Pro Inc services […]

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