Find us on Fixxbook: Aqua Pro Inc. is a Service Channel Connected Contractor.

Find API Inc on Fixxbook
April 15, 2019
By: Aqua Pro Inc

You may have never heard of Fixxbook or Service Channel. You may be asking yourself, how does this affect who I should go with when choosing a contractor?

Fixxbook is a social media platform for the commercial facilities service management industry.

Aqua Pro Inc. Is a Service Channel Connected Contractor

Fixxbook provides a global, modern, online marketplace that provides unprecedented transparency, efficiency, automation, and insight to all its participants. This means that Fixxbook/Service Channel Connected contractors are held to the highest standards set forth by Service Channel.

Aqua Pro Inc. Is a Service Channel Connected contractor so you can rest assured that when you choose Aqua Pro Inc, you will be hiring not just the best company for the job but also the most qualified and trustworthy.

Aqua Pro Inc. has many industry affiliations and have worked hard to achieve these throughout their tenure. Aqua Pro Inc. is excited to be a Connected Contractor and we hope you are too!

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