Keeping Grease Build Up Levels Low Will Greatly Reduce Risk of Grease Fire.

Is Your Kitchen up to Cleanliness Standards?
January 17, 2019
By: Aqua Pro Inc

If you read the graphic above, you’re probably thinking to yourself: 0.002 inches is extremely minimal. Technically, yes… it’s a very small amount. Unless that amount is grease build up in your kitchen hood and exhaust system.

When it comes to the cleanliness of your kitchen, this rather small amount adds up very quickly. This and other factors can put your business and customers at risk for a potential grease fire.

Aqua Pro Inc. is an IKECA member and offers routine kitchen exhaust system and hood maintenance among many other services. Call us today to schedule a consultation: 1-877-AQUAPRO.

We can work with you to establish a maintenance schedule that works best for your company or organization. Many area business rely on Aqua Pro Inc. for their kitchen exhaust grease removal needs. Our team of dedicated professionals will get the job done right — every time!

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