Electrostatic Fogging Disinfection Services from API

March 27, 2020
By: Bob Metzgar

We are all well aware of the current pandemic sweeping the world. This situation has made us mindful of sanitizing our work and living spaces. But how can you be sure that you are eliminating the germs that matter most? By utilizing the Electrostatic Fogging Disinfection services from API Inc!

Electrostatic fogging is a disinfectant method that works by charging water droplets with electrostatic energy. When this mist is applied to a surface, the electrically charged droplets produce a more substantial charge than the surface they are coming in contact with. This process allows the electrically charged fogging solution to completely cover the surface that is being treated. The electrically charged mist or fog particulates are similarly drawn to one another like magnets. You’ll have confidence when utilizing this method because your business or office surfaces will be sanitized down to a microscopic level. API Inc always uses an environmentally friendly botanical solution called Benefect in addition to another broad-spectrum disinfectant called MediClean. Both material safety data sheets (MSDS) are available for both products upon request.

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*Photo provided by Clorox.

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