API will Always Be Here to Take Care of Your Stone Floors!

October 2, 2020
By: Bob Metzgar

Stone floors are never a problem for the API team

Aqua Pro Inc is proud to offer stone floor and VCT tile care at extremely competitive rates. Maintaining clean flooring within your business is not only aesthetically pleasing but helps prevent potential safety issues as well. Dirt, debris, and dust that collect on flooring can be very unsightly and lead to slip and fall or other hazardous situations within your company.

Establishing a routine stone floor and vct tile maintenance plan through Aqua Pro Inc. will ensure that your floors, walkways, and other high traffic areas not only look good but are hazard free and will help decrease dust and particulates in the air that you would otherwise breathe in!

If you have granite, marble, or other composite surfaces in your place of business, contact Aqua Pro Inc. today to schedule maintenance. We are here to help revitalize and restore the look of your high traffic walkways and travel areas throughout your business or office as well as make the air you breathe that much cleaner.

Give our team a call today! (302) 659-6593

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